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Rainwater HOG

Sally with some Rainwater HOGs

Rain Water Barrels come in all sizes and shapes. If you look at the History of the Rain Water Barrel you will see that methods of collecting rainwater are older than history itself. Actual rain water barrels were often used because before the square shipping container that we use today, barrels were the main shipping container and were very abundant in the times of the old west.

The idea of using a rain water barrel for collecting rain water just seems to fit the accepted norm. There are many other sizes and shapes for “rain water barrels” ranging from cisterns and man made ponds to 200,000 gallon “water beds” called the Original Rainwater Pillow.

The Rainwater HOG is a very popular slim Line tank designed by Australia’s Sally Dominguez. It is not the only slim line tank but it is a very functional

Rain Barrel

Wood Grain Rain Barrel

design and offers the advantage of inter-connection of the tanks so that they take up less space and are some what more aesthetic than a line of rain barrels.

Still there are some very nice looking rain water barrel designs that have that classic look and if you are only using 1 or 2 barrels it is hard to beat the classic look

of the old wooden barrel.  There is just something about the look of a wooden rain water barrel that just feels right. You do however need to know how to prevent your barrel from becoming an insect breeding ground if you are looking to build your own rain barrel.  There are some nice looking plastic rain water barrels that have the wooden barrel look but are already set up for use.

rain barrelNow before wooden barrels were so prevalent a rain water barrel might have been more of a rainwater urn or vase.  In the middle east these clay pots served to collect rain water.  Today this design has come back and you can find a wide variety of these rain water barrel designs available if this style better fits your landscaping needs. These designs often double as planters for added decoration.

Rainwater Harvesting System

The Original Rainwater Pillow Looks Like a Giant Water BedThere is just something about an old wooden barrel that just looks the part.

As was mentioned above the Original Rainwater Pillow resembles a giant water bed and comes in sizes ranging from750 gallons to 3000 gallons but they can be custom made in sizes up to 200,000 gallons. Now that is a big water bed!

In the mid west land scape “artists” have started building natural rain water collection systems with waterfalls and underground storage for run off. These are custom made and are called RainXchange Systems and definitely enhance the landscape while helping your environment.

These various rainwater collection systems are used for collecting water that can be used to water lawns, wash the car, etc. If you put a water filtration system into the mix, however you can use the water for drinking. In this way you could collect 100% of the water you use in your “rainwater barrels”.

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