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Water, water everywhere but just a little is clean…this is very true. People all over the world are experiencing water scarcity. Everybody knows that two-thirds of the earth is covered with water, but how many of you know that only 0.5% of the total water on earth is fresh water. Either there is not enough water or the water is not clean. Unclean water can be the cause for so many diseases. Since human beings rely on water to live, everybody should try to save water which they can use when necessity arises.

How can water be stored? Water can be stored in a water tank, which is a container which holds water. Water tanks act as a storage to collect either rain water or water that is pumped from wells or rivers. These tanks are very useful in places where there is irregular water supply, and when you store water in these tanks, you can be assured that there is stock of water which can be used when needed. Poly Water Tanks supply plastic rain water tanks in different sizes and shapes to every state Of Australia.

Water tanks can be built either overhead or underground. In areas where space is a problem, water can be stored underground in underground water tanks. They can be stored under lawns or patios and they are available in various sizes. Two of the top quality underwater tanks in Australia are Tankmasta and Nylex.

In places where there is scarcity of water, you can store rain water in rain water tanks. Rainwater tanks, which is also known as water butt in Uk and water barrels in North America are tanks which are used to collect rain water. Instead of letting go the rain water falling from your roof, if you collect it in a rainwater tank, it can be used later for washing the car, gardening, washing clothes, in the toilet and various other purposes. If you are in Sydney, you can even avail rebate for installing a rain water tank and this rebate is available for residential, industrial and commercial customers.

The author has a business where he provides various water tanks Australia wide including Poly rainwater tanks, underground water tanks & corrugated tanks. Slimline water tank.

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