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Hi. Our septic tank is always filling up with rainwater ever since we got it 7 years ago. It is made from concrete and is on a slight hill so when it rains very heavily, for over a day, it fills up from the water absorbed by the ground above it and we can’t use it. What can we do to sort this out? We’ve tried a few things: we increased the outflow pipe(made it wider), and we put a trench of stone at the top of our garden to divert some of the water away from where the tank is. It helped a bit but its still bad. Should we get a new septic tank, or is there something we could do with the existing one(i’ve heard you can get pumps to pump the water out). Thanks for your help,
I don’t think it is the drainage from the tank that’s that problem. The water from the hill flows through the land filling the tank as it goes. So it drains ok. The tank is made from concrete and so isn’t sealed, maybe thats the problem?

Your leach field, drainage area after the septic tank isn’t made proper. It is either too small or the wrong material was used to put it in. Maybe it wasn’t made at all. Your tank should fill up and drain over to the leach field where it dissipates water and waste that is broken down. I would in the summer dry months, have it dug up and the proper gravel etc be put in to allow for proper drainage. Because if the septic tank is allowed to fill up and do its normal thing to eat down your waste, then you might as well be using a honey bucket and emptying it on your back lawn. If you have well water, I would get it fixed ASAP….

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